Thursday, October 28, 2010

A visit to A Cultural Eposition

Dear All,
It was an experience of a lifetime for the children from the Kolkata Centre of HOPE school. Through the help and support of a friend of HOPE worldwide Kolkata we got an opportunity to witness “A Cultural Exposition” organized by the National Educational Research & Development Programme (NERDP). The organization under the brand of Bharatiya Lok Sanskriti Utsav presented a great exposition of folk dance, music, crafts and many more. It just seemed the whole Nation were set before us on a platter. We enjoyed the Duff or Murfa (Andhra Pradesh), Karagram Folk Dance (Tamilnadu), Puli Kali (Kerala), Sambalpuri Folk Dance (Orissa), Nagaland Folk Dance (Nagaland), Paika Nritya (Jharkand), Chholiya Dance (Uttaranchal), Kalbelia (Rajasthan), Siddhi Goma ( Gujrat) and several other folk dance from different cities.
I was glad for the opportunity as it served as a great learning curve for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed every bit.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Newly started Computer Classes for the students in the KCOH

The Kolkata Centre of HOPE for the first time has started Computer classes for the children in the school. We all know the need of computer education and its advantages. As the world progresses, so does the invention of new technologies. Computer education plays a major role. I always wanted the children from the KCOH to get exposed to computer education, because it will enable them to grow more confident and bring forth a total new dimension towards education. Moreover learning with computers is always very interesting and exicting too.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Farewell Service

Taking part or attending a Farewell Service has always been quite a painful event for all, especially with one whom you are very attached. Last week we organized a Farewell Service for one of our teacher Ms Shampa Bairagi. It was a very special time for all. The children remembered and expressed their gratitude towards her contribution in building their lives with a dance, a song, a short skit and few meaningful sharings. I was extremely proud to see the kids share and perform for their teacher and being grateful to her for everything she did for them, because I believe “Being Grateful” is a wonderful virtue which as teachers we should work hard to develop in our children which is also an important part of Education.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr Sumit Golchha is one of the Ist Year student from the ITM Navi Mumbai( Institute for Technology and Management )where he is completing his MBA, and he has chosen Kolkata Centre of Hope School to complete his NGO project. Sumit gave a wonderful presentation on "Being a Dreamer". The presentation was attend by the senior most students from the KCOH and the teachers, who felt that it was quiet educative and inspiring with the PPT presentation and various ideas thrown at the kids. I was personally so glad to see my children start dreaming even more now of doing great in their academics and over all performance, to one day see their dreams getting fulfilled.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Balai Mondal

Balai Mondal is studying in class K.G from the Kolkata Centre of Hope school. Balai’s father is a Rickshaw puller and his mother works as a domestic help in different houses, but they live in a distant village named Canning which is near about 15 kms away from Champahati. His parents always wanted their child to study hard and do well, but Balai was very mischievous, and very playful, hence he also failed in class. His parents lived a very disturbed life because of him. One day his maternal aunt who lives in Champahati found out about the Kolkata Centre of Hope School, and at once she brought Balai to the school. After getting Balai admitted to the school his parent became little busy with their job and became negligent and did not find time to spend with Balai. A happy and full of life is what was attributed to him but slowly he was becoming slow and would often keep himself secluded away from the other children, the joy was missing from him. Some time later he also started missing class, after doing a follow up we found out that he ran away from his aunts house to meet his parents in Canning. Severely beaten up by his Aunt and his cousins, we found Balai sitting in a corner alone and dejected.
I had to call his parents, who after several notices came to meet me. Then I found out that they would hardly come and meet Balai and he was desperately missing them. We gave a plan to his parents to spend time with him, and even warned them of their negligence. His parents understood and wanted to change. Till today they are abiding with the plan and the result is exemplary. Balai loves to come to school, during the weekends his parents take him back home and during all holidays too. Balai now inspires other kids to come to school and not miss class. His enthusiasm is quiet evident, and that is depicted in his academics too. He ranked in one of the recently conducted examination which was very much astonishing for all of us. A simple expression of love changed this boys life forever.
Balai now dreams, he dreams to become a “Computer Professional”, he watches various students practicing computers in the VT section and always asks his teacher about it. I pray that one day his dream may get fulfilled.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.

God Bless

Peter D'costa

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A visit to the Nicco Park

This was the first time that the children from The Kolkata Centre of HOPE got an opportunity to pay a visit to Nicco Park which is an Amusement Park in Kolkata. The above image portrays the joy and exuberance in the kids when they went for the various rides in offer, namely "Toy Train", "Water Merry Go Round" and "Water Boat Ride".I thank you for your support and prayers, without it I believe this wouldn't have been possible. Please continue in providing us with your able support and prayers. Thank You.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Doctor checking a child at the KCOH

It was a wonderful opportunity to have Dr Subramaniam Dhanraj working with various NGOs come for the first Medical Camp organized at the Kolkata Centre of Hope School. I was extremely glad to have him check all my children and finding most of them fit. I would like to thank all for your support and prayers for enhancing the program ahead.